Friday, March 20, 2009


This mock-up illustration for a class accompanies the article, "The Greening of Geopolitics", written by Thomas Friedman, from April of 2007. The article focuses on America's potential to "regain its global leadership ... through newer, greener technology" and lifestyle. One of the main arguments of the article states how America must free itself from the petroauthoritarians that have been holding unnecessary power over too many for too long. According to the article, developing countries must leave the over-consumption of fossil fuels behind and embrace alternative energy sources within the next fifty years; otherwise, the concentration of carbon dioxide may double in the Earth's atmosphere resulting with the entire ecosystem crumbling. I am attempting to communicate how terribly close we are placing DANGER within our life supporting ECOSYSTEM. The sun beyond the horizon is either rising or it is setting - our actions over the next fifty years may determine which.


  1. sooooo clever!!!!! this is a killer piece, well done Matt.
    thank goodness i dropped that class...

  2. This was never actually published, but keep looking out for me, silvergirl.


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