Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Flipside

These are the flip side of the paintings from my previous post. Paintings seen in reverse like this reveal the history of the brushstrokes and the process of mark making.


  1. hey dude.. i commented on these a when you first posted them??? but it didn't stick?

    matt. matthew wood.... these are beautiful man. i can't decide which side i like better, but i do know i can't stop looking at the close up portrait on the flip-side! the directness of reading the marks backwards really brings out something magical. i guess the history of the piece is just as beautiful as the image itself. what an interesting show it would be to somehow display both sides of the painting. you win!

  2. watery and pretty... hard to stop looking at! lovely as usual, Matt :)

  3. Fæ©k ¥∑∆! Thanks guys… ≥¬≤

  4. Wow, these are pretty amazing. Like looking through streams of water, or "ice cube" glass.

  5. very the blog. check mine out. follow it if you like it :)


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